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The Arrival Is Near 

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Crooks in July

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BreakDown /Tracklist
1. Mt Olympus [The Birth] 
This is the coming of someone destined for something great and sent into the world to achieve it. Its in his blood his bones his eyes it was already written for him to be legendary.
2.Cloud Captain Ft Snazz Gordy [ The Arrival ]
Imagine a meteor Descending at a furious speed into earth this symbolizes
him falling from the sky and what the impact would be from something so powerful, raw and untamed .it shows the arrival of this figure is scary to the so called reality on earth
3.Maximus [The Garden]
As time passes the place he crashed into which is the garden has taught him to control his unique skills and talents in a beautiful yet dangerous fashion with visions of leaving the garden to journey into the city hes heard tales about.
4.Athena’s Song | BOMB [The City]
Remember the first time you stepped foot into a big city: The people The buildings The sounds The lights the constant movement the Excitement the entertainment Athens Song symbolizes all these things in his eyes when he first steps foot into the city of vices
5.Cyclops [The Proof]
Being new to a place with so much activity can show the ones who thrive there who is a local and who isnt
After the excitement dwindles down the locals begin to confront him as a outsider telling him he does not belong till he shows Proof hes not only different but actually can do everything they can do but better
6.Hermes Hall [The Chase]
Fast forwarding; His unique abilities has made him quite popular in the city and accepted but he is now bored and after more
he wants a taste of the best the city has to offer Medusa The Queen Of Vanity
7. Medusa’s Melody [The Dance]
Finally After Searching high & Low he finds her inside hermes hall and the dance for his soul begins this symbolizes the dance we take with Life and Death , Wants and Needs , Love and Lust .But Medusa sees something different in him and holds back from turning him into stone so he may fulfill his destiny
8. Ares [The Anger]
With the last thing the city has to offer achieved he becomes angry and furious about why hes not satisfied and expresses it by destroying most of the city before he leaves to sea.
9. Son Of Poseidon [The Sail]
This song is his sail to finding what he seeks alone. letting the waves lead he travels with hopes of finding a mythical island by the name of Pandora said to have the answers
10.Pandora[The Island]
The beauty of the island is so powerful he no longer knows if hes dreaming or awake,The visions shown to him in the jungle are so vivid his future is placed right in front of his eyes which leads him a Chariot. 
11.Chariot [The Question]
With a Chariot [Drive] placed in his mind he now has a goal and wants someone real to join him on his journey to conquer his dream and make it reality.
12. Jen & Zeus [The Love]
Jen & Zeus paints a picture of him finally finding the companion worthy and letting her get a glimpse of what he plans to accomplish but is this a dream inside a dream?
13. Spartan In A Sportscar [The Ride]
The Moon The Stars The Clouds The Wind The Water The Silence The Calm before the storm
on this is the drive back to the city .
14. TITAN [The Return]
His come back is BIGGER then expected [some even believed he was dead.]
the stories myths and tales that were made about him became legends with his return
The questions the city wanted answers for have now been answered
15.LLG [Destiny]
Now Born Again He Sits Amongst The GODS



Sing in me, Muse, and through me tell the story of that man skilled in all ways of contending,
the wanderer, who was driven to far journeys…He saw the city and learned the minds of many distant men and weathered many bitter nights and days in his deep heart at sea, while he fought only to save his life, to bring his shipmates home…But not by will nor valor could he save them, for their own recklessness destroyed them all…and the will of Zeus was accomplished since that time when first there stood in division of conflict…the lord of men and brilliant.- Homer The Iliad and The Odyssey

There was a time long ago when the mythical gods of Mt. Olympus marveled at their creation-believing that mankind no longer needed their guidance. Even the gods are not exempt from vanity. Although mankind thrived without the guidance of the gods but also developed a thirst for war, lust, pride and destruction building The City Of Vices. New gods were born on Olympus but the old gods still drunk with arrogance ignored their divine children and neglected to share with them the secret of immortality…consuming a single drop of the blood of a Titan. Legend tells that one of the more curious of the divine children stood on the edge of a cliff high a top Mt. Olympus watching the mortals of The City Of Vices. Wanting a closer look he leaned forward and lost his footing falling to the earth. Not fully developed as an immortal being-the boy fell to the earth as a demigod.

In a lush garden just outside The CIty Of Vices a widow praying to the gods for mercy witnesses the boy’s descent from the heavens like a comet. Unable to control his strength-the boy hides under a Fennel tree. The widow finds the boy and her faith in the gods is restored. The widow teaches the boy how to harness his power through the philosophy of gardening and raises him as a mortal. Every night The City Of Vices lights up and from the garden it appears glorious in the boy’s eyes. The widow warns him that the lights of the city can be blinding even to a demigod.

The boy-now a man-travels to The City Of Vices where everything he imagined about the city is a reality. He steps foot in what seems to be a paradise-women, food, wealth, sport and immaculate architecture. However the excitement of being in the city wears off when he realizes that the locals aren’t as enamored by the city as he is. Evil men rule the city-providing just enough to the common people to give them hope but crushing their dreams by hoarding the wealth and riches of the land.

The man uses his power to champion the cause of the common people and becomes The Hero but alas even the gods are not exempt from pride. As tales of his valor grow so does he appetite for accolades. He wants the best the city has to offer and vows to conquer the city’s most feared ruler-Medusa The Queen of Vanity. He engages the queen not in battle but in a dance for life and death. He wins her heart but is denied her gaze which would undoubtedly turn him to stone. His deeds draw the attention of the gods and the jealously of Zeus, who unleashes his 9 muses upon him. The hero’s eyes are open to a dramatic truth and nothing in the city can match the vision that the muses have seduced him with.

Angered by the realization that the city cannot satisfy his ambition he releases the full wrath of his power upon the corrupt rulers of the city. In his rage he destroys most of the city. He is mortally wounded by a common man and remembers that even with his great power he is still mortal. He breaks away fro the hold of the muses and wanders towards the docks of the city, where he finds an unmanned ship and lets the wind take him out to sea. The voice of the god Poseidon tells him to seek the island of Pandora where he will find the the means to make him immortal. The act angers He braves the harsh seas and the very wrath of the Zeus. At what seems to be his end, the god Poseidon appears to him as a mighty sea serpent which takes him the shores of Pandora.

Waking up on the shores of Pandora, exhausted, thirsty, hungry and weak; The Hero cannot determine whether he has truly broken away from the curse of the muses. He wanders into a lush jungle where he regains his strength by eating herbs and drinking water from an eternal spring. He also finds the means to attaining him immortally in the form of horseless chariot of fire powered by his very desire. However, the island is inhabited by beautiful women who begin to tend to his every need. He finds himself wanting to remain on the island. He discovers the true intentions of the island’s women when he finds a pile of armor and weapons. The women have been inciting mortal men to island for centuries and feasting on them. He regains his true desire, to become an immortal god; and escapes the island on the chariot.

The chariot brings him to a foreign land where he is welcomed by their Immortal King and his daughter. The King has been waiting for centuries for a man worthy enough to ride the chariot. The Hero is welcomed as a lost son and given all the luxuries of royalty including the hand of the king’s daughter. He learns that she is his perfect match, born in fire and raised in the calm of a storm. United with a true love there is only one task left for our hero, he must consume the blood of a titan. But the titans have been long from this world for eons. The Immortal King gives our hero three tasks to determine whether he his truly destined to be a god. The first task tests his humility and our hero serves the common people of the city food from his surplus. The second task measures his faith when the Immortal King challenges him to a contest of will. After three years of fasting and meditation the hero emerges victorious. The third and final task determines his love. The Immortal King threatens to end his very daughters life but our hero asks that her life be spared for his own. The Immortal King is pleased and our hero is given the blood of a Titan.

Our hero is now a god, ready to return to Olympus. But first he and his bride will travel the world, surely there is more to the world than he ever imagined. They travel the world finding many new lands and learning exciting new things. He becomes more than The Hero, he becomes an icon. His exploits and adventures begin become the stuff of myths and legends. He returns to The City Of Vices with his bride and finishes what he started in his youth by bringing divine justice to the land by eliminating the wicked rulers. He returns to the garden and blesses his mortal mother with riches, servants and wealth. The land is restored and now with nothing left to accomplish in the mortal world he sets his sights on Olympus and vows to restore it to it’s former glory. He rides his chariot into the sky arrives on Mt Olympus and challenges the gods to remember what they mean to mankind. Offended by what he deems as disrespect Zeus threatens to end our hero’s life. Rather than shed blood as The Hero offers the gods music, food, wine and a …the story of a boy that was BORN ON OLYMPUS.

With much anticipation, Stevie Crooks’ iTunes debut is just around the corner. "Born On Olympus" LP is set to grace the stage October 8th and is sure to appease hip-hop lovers of many sorts.

Today Crookie has decided to give the world a taste of what to expect with ’Athena’s Song (The City)’. Today is the official release of the artwork by Phil Mao and tracklisting in pure Stevie Crooks style.

Track Breakdown On Album
[Remember the first time you stepped foot into a big city: The people The buildings The sounds The lights The constant movement The excitement The entertainment Athena’s Song symbolizes all these things in his eyes when he first steps foot into the city of vices]

"Dreams Only Work If You Do"


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Stevie Crooks x LRG

Rapper Stevie Crooks performance at D.I.Y. Fest
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@StevieCrooks | D.I.Y Music & Fashion Fest | Glass House | By: The Popular Strangers

Stevie Crooks x The Glass House 
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Stevie Crooks x Glass House